PASTABOXITALIA it is a desire

PASTABOXITALIA is sharing, conviviality … tradition and genuineness … it is the pleasure to eat well in a short time!

We have the desire to introduce you to our traditions and make you rediscover the pleasure of cooking for someone or cooking with someone, using excellent products, available in limited numbers and difficult to find on the market
national and foreign. For this you will find the packaging with logo and address of the manufacturers that make up the box. In a few simple steps you can cook and have fun organizing a family lunch or a dinner with friends.

The sauces of PASTABOXITALIA are prepared using only ingredients coming from our garden or from small local companies, carefully chosen companies remaining always in line with our philosophy. The primary factor for us is the
seasonality of the dishes, this is why we designed our BOX in limited and numbered series, for this reason each series is unique and different from the others.
The BOX are designed for those who are not very familiar with the stove but still has a passion for good Italian cuisine, both for those who love to cook and do not want to give up the pleasure of those little moments of preparation that requires the execution of a good pasta dish.

We imagined those evenings back from work, after a long day full of commitments, and the desire to eat well in a short time.

We imagined an evening with friends where the kitchen is the master at laughter and why not, a good glass of wine. We imagined the family, a bit like ours, gathered at the table for a good lunch together.

All the BOX’s have inside our Ponterosa sauce, our extra virgin olive oil, a carefully selected pack of pasta and a leaflet that not only shows all the BOX ingredients, but also explains step by step how to make the dish.

Will be available soon other BOX, some difficulties a little higher, others also dedicated to those who, despite intolerances to gluten, do not want to give up a good first course.

You will be able to order our LIMITED EDITION BOXES from the comfort of your home and they will be delivered to you in Italy and abroad, or for you or to give away to whoever you want.

Coming soon…

BOX4 | Ceppi con finocchi, guanciale e Varnelli
BOX5 | Fusilli con salsiccia e broccoletti
BOX6 | Mosciolo Selvatico di Portonovo “Presidio Slow Food”
BOX7 | “Una cena per DUE”
BOX8 | Vegetariano
BOX9 | Integrale
BOX10 | Gluten Free
BOX11 | “XMAS” Natale Special Edition
BOX12 | “San Valentino”
and much more….