About us

We are a family-owned farm that produces extra virgin olive oil, vegetables, legumes and cereals, born in 2004 in a hilly area of ​​the Marche region, rich in traditions, folklore and gastronomic specialties.
These years lived in close contact with our territory and our roots, have allowed us to fully know the raw materials that it offers and the historical or new producers who work with determination and sacrifice to achieve high quality food specialties.

It has always characterized us, the continuous and accurate research of products of the Marche region respecting the season and origin. In our farmhouse we bring traditional recipes and new interpretations to the table
they combine seasonality with balance and taste.

Hence the idea of ​​bringing pasta to your table, an Italian product par excellence. We believe that pasta in Italy has always been the highest moment of sharing and socializing, with family or friends.