How is Pastabox born?

We want to tell you a story. A story made of Earth and its products. Un agriturismo a conduzione familiare ed il suo orto. Questa terra nel cuore delle Marche che con dedizione Stefano coltiva per poi raccogliere melanzane, peperoni, pomodori, zucchine, verza, bietole, zucche… Every day, delicious and refined recipes are born in the kitchen of “Ponterosa” where Iolanda using ingredients at km 0 or finding products from small areas of the area, from life to seasonal sauces, sometimes looking for those that are the Marche traditions … sometimes creating innovative but at the same time “family” condiments.

Infarm Ponterosa the management and research of raw materials is up to Fabrizio, a great lover and connoisseur of wines, who will not fail to make you taste the Extra virgin olive oil Ponterosa, produced directly on the farm, immersed in the hills of Morrovalle, or will welcome you if you stop for dinner or to sleep. And as in all families can not miss the children… esteemed tasters of the most varied creations of Iolanda. Filippo and Nicola, who like almost all children, are skilled eaters and Pasta lovers.

Last but not least, the creative family, Chiara.. That with his great passion for communication, art and colors closes this little circle called Pastaboxitalia. This is the story of a family and its little challenge.. To make you cook in very few steps excellent pasta dishes, make you eat simple and refined products in a short time.

From the raw material cultivated with love and effort, in search of the products used like the pasta “Regina dei sibillini”, pasta of hard wheat of high quality, cultivated in the Monti Sibillini. From the ponterosa Extra virgin olive oil used in all the recipes, to the preparation that always ends with the indisputable taste of Nicola and Filippo. Up to the realization of the idea.

A box.
A box that has inside tradition, flavors and a pinch of magic.

Yes, because the boxes are limited edition, this to give everyone the opportunity and the pleasure of eating in full respect of seasonality and availability.

What about… enjoy your meal…together!



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